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Download 25+ slides in White and Living Coral to jump-start your next impressive presentation – get the free deck stack here!

Every year, Pantone elects a new color the one of the year. The color choice does not attempt to look into the future, instead it seeks to comment on the status quo of society and culture. After Ultra Violet last year, Pantone has chosen Living Coral 16-1546 (#FA7268, RGB: 250/114/104) as the color of 2019, which is, surprisingly, a vivid coral:


I have scratched a few images together and moulded a PowerPoint presentation template for your next quick presentation that is oh-so-up-to-the-minute! I have included some slides that allow for a lot of text – but try to focus on the most important key concepts.

Feel free to use and adapt to your needs!

Please share alike. (And do everything else in your power to keep the internet a friendly place.)

Photos are all from Unsplash: Bárbara SampaioDavies Designs Studio, Diego Catto, Dominik Schröder,, Hello I’m Nik, Imani Clovis, Imani Clovis, Imani Clovis, Jacob Stephens, JJ Ying, Joe Woods, Khara Woods, Leone Venter, Matthias Kinsella, Michael Discenza, Mitchell Hollander, Morvanic Lee, Olia Gozha, R_R, Rawpixel, Tim Marshall, Tim MossholderTim Wright, Todd SteitleVarshesh Joshi, Vitaly Taranov, Xavier Teo. Thank you all!

You can get all original images in the collection.

presentation template overview

This freebie is free to use! However, if you found it useful and would like to buy me an Espresso… thank you! ♥

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