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I am Sabine Melnicki from Vienna in Austria, and offer digital consulting, web conception and competence transfer for companies.

Sabine Melnicki

My work focuses on numerous facets of digitalization: communication through language and content, information architecture and data design, visual implementation in branding. I help companies become visible online and find their corporate language. Currently, my research interest is aimed at "digital autonomy", i.e. the transfer of competencies in the area of conflict between digital technologies and social conditions.

Mag. Sabine Melnicki, MA
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Speaker (en/de) on semantic wikis, knowledge transfer, content design, visual design, digital autonomy. Sabine Melnicki Sabine Melnicki


Büro für Ernährung — dataspects (CH) — Digitalworld Academy — Galeria Ideal — Hupfer (DE) — JAMJAM — klenner.at — Libraconsult — lpkern Organisationsberatung — MENTOR — Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG) — öbv Österreichischer Schulbuchverlag — Schreibagentur — Schott, Täubler & Partner — Station Wien — TangoTunes — Volkstheater Wien — Weissglut Architektur
I hold degrees in German Philology (University of Vienna) and Applied Knowledge Management/e-Learning (FH Burgenland), am an expert in the mentoring programme of imGrätzl, shareholder of TangoTunes GmbH, longtime language trainer, and host of Buchclub V, the non-fiction reading circle around digital transformation and the future.

Formerly Digitalista, founding partner of snipcard GMBH, and supporter of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group.

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