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Following my latest article on big data, I would like to recommend some nice videos that I passed by during my research. Please find the videos below in the order of my personal liking.

Have any good video recommendations to the topic yourself? Please post them in the comments.

#1 What is Big Data? – World Economic Forum (01:29)

Concise, prettily illustrated explanation of Big Data in general, including sources of data and use cases/fields of application of big data.

More on Big Data from the World Economic Forum

#2 Cisco BIG Awards – Big Data – Cisco

Nice explanation of Big Data with a few fine visualisations.

#3 Google BigQuery (01:58)

Introduction video to the product BigQuery, the data warehouse offer from Google. Very well visualised.

Equivalent to this is Amazon’s data warehouse Redshift. Video here (but it’s not as nice).

#4 What do Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence do? (03:19)

A developer describes what’s happening in a data warehouse (mining, analysis etc.) – with vegetables. „What if data were food“. Nice idea well executed. (Only the text message sounds are irritating. ;))

#5 Big Data – Watermelon

Product video by Watermelon that shows well, how usually data warehouses are offered by companies as a service (IaaS), with very reduced technical information.

#6 Your data – Identity visuals

About data breaches and personal data security.

And some more:

The Data Struggle ends now – Snowflake (Promovideo)

The Office Bromance / Business Intelligence loves IT – Snowflake (Promovideo)

Big Data vs. Data Science vs. Data Analytics

Awareness Test – hast du alle Daten?

Visualisierung von Big Data


Bildquelle: Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash (CC0)

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